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About me

I am Claudia Muller,

a Dutch artist. 

Painting, photography,

drawing, poetry, I love it all. 

Behind most of my bigger

works, which can be found on

the page 'Art', there's a deeper

meaning. I think it's important

to create art which doesn't only

look great, but which tells a

story as well. 

Art can make this world a better place.


Some articles are only available in Dutch, sorry.


Art & Poetry


CLaudiaMuller's stopmotion puppets

A shelter in the storm


Art can make

this world

a better place.

Photography, film, drawing, painting and so much more...


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As a seed

As a seed, so you grow

From the mountains below

From the heavens I look down

Upon seeing you I frown

Where is the girl I once met?

Crazy enough, she is not here yet

She will come, after a thousand miles

To run a distant with a smile

No longer tears are held back

They will flow to a rivers neck

In the river, she will swim

To find a safe heaven within

There she will rest her weary heart,

From that she will not part