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All-inclusive boarding includes: -Temperature controlled room (7x8 for large canines, 4x5 for small canines) -Attached outdoor run accessible by dog door that is open weather permitting -Up to 6 hours of supervised daily playtime with attention from our loving staff -Indoor playrooms and Astroturf play yards, enriched with furniture, equipment and toys -Feeding and Medication administration -Daily treats -Hammock style cot -Premium comforter -Endless pets and cuddles!


REQUIREMENTS: 1. Spayed or Neutered if over 6 months of age
2. Required Vaccinations must be up to date:
Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, Canine Bivalent Flu
*Puppies under 4 months are eligible 2 weeks after their Bordatella and 2nd Distemper vaccines have been given
3. Vaccination Records must be provided at least 3 days prior to a visit.
4. Pets must be on a topical or oral flea preventative or a Seresto brand flea collar.
5. Pets must socialize safely on the Trial Day to become eligible for services.

Provide your pets vaccination certificates easily via one of these methods:
Email a picture of the record to
Upload a picture of the record directly to your client portal
Fax or ask your vet to fax the record to 410-798-5239


Beechnut is a socialized boarding facility which offers your pet up to 6 hours of participation in social play time with other boarding and daycare pets. This activity is included in our all-inclusive flat rate of $42/day. The play groups are set up by size and personality. The schedules are customized to suit age, energy level, and personality to ensure it is an enjoyable experience. Our play yards are always supervised, managed with positive attitudes, and enriched with toys and play equipment.


CUSTOMIZED FEEDING+ Beechnut does require that you provide your own pets meals, and we always feed according to your instructions up to 3 times a day. We will also monitor and record your pet’s intake and contact you if there are concerns about appetite. Please pack food in pre-measured baggies for each meal to eliminate measuring errors. We do have a refrigerator for perishable dog food. MEDICATION+ We will administer medications to your pet if you provide the original medication container that has the medication name, medication dosage, and instructions on the label. Please be prepared to explain the purpose of the medication, duration of use, and inform us of any side effects that need to be monitored. *We will not accept responsibility for a pet that has life-sustaining medication, but we are happy to administer maintenance medications at no additional fee. *We do not administer insulin injections. HEALTH CHECK+ We will review and record how each pet is doing on each morning of their stay. We will make adjustments to their schedule, feeding, and medications based on any changes or concerns. We always contact you with any concerns/questions and to keep you updated on your pet’s wellness. You can trust that we care.


Please ensure you bring familiar items to your pet that you have already deemed “safe” for them to have unattended. Please do not bring your favorite items in case they are lost or destroyed. Items listed are optional – you can bring your pet without any “luggage”. -Up to 3 meals per day of Own Food is required to be in pre-measured baggies. -Treats (optional) Chews will be left with pet unattended and are provided at your own risk. -1 item of Washable Bedding (optional) -Up to 2 toys (optional) -Medications/Treatments (if needed). Must be provided in original container. *Do not put medicine in food baggies. *Label all items with last name.


Your dog's first day with Beechnut is known as their evaluation or trial day. During this day your dog will attend a full day of daycare with Beechnut. We will be easing your pet in and helping them become acclimated with the facility and fellow furry friends in a stress free enviroment. Spending the time to evaluate your pet will give us deeper insight on your pets personality, personal needs, and play style. The trial day also gives us the opportunity to assess if our program will be a good fit for your pet. This is beneficial to your pet as well as our facility and staff by giving both parties a slow and proper introduction to a new and fun relationship. - Trial Day is performed during a full day of daycare by appointment only. Appointments are available Monday through Thursday each week.

- The cost of a trial day is $30 per dog (the cost of a normal day of daycare).

- Drop-off is between 7AM - 10AM; Pick-up is between 2PM - 6PM.